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Our Company was founded in 2004 as Delegation office of Interfracht Overseas Ltd. Hong Kong. The owner’s are swiss and engaged in international transportation and logistics for many years having built up one of the largest, privately owned, forwarding companies in Switzerland.

Our expertise is in Air, Ocean, warehousing and complete logistics and distribution solutions which are designed to meet all our customers requirements.

Over the year’s of presence in Vietnam we have learnt a lot, we have continuously improved our organization and have reached a well established and best known reputation as a quality logistics service provider you can trust in. We are using both, the vietnamese and the swiss best practices to serve you best !


Interfracht Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd., is a fully independent company established in 2010. We specialize in International freight, offering the full spectrum for all your supply chain needs. Whether it’d be logistics, warehousing, or distribution, we do it all. Our services cover all key industry sectors, with no discrimination.

Our parent Company Interfracht Speditions AG has over 50 years of experience and a successful track record in the transport business. This business knowledge has been passed down to our reliable and hardworking staff ensuring your business enjoying the highest quality services available.

We are proficient in all modes of transport; land, air, sea, or intermodal. We are always looking to find the best solution tailored for our customer’s needs.
Above all, we take our customer’s security & confidentiality very seriously so that they can be rest assured that their cargo is safe no matter which part of the world it may be in.